We have moved!

Our new home is the Interdisciplinary Center for Nanostructured Films (IZNF)

We call our home six offices, one chemical laboratory, one clean room, one processing room and three measurement rooms.

Processing Lab, 123 m²: Device Fabrication and Technology

  • molecular vapour deposition (AMST MVD 100)
  • thermal deposition (UNIVEX 300)
  • thermal deposition (ELKE)
  • polymer deposition and processing (spin coating, cure, etch etc.)
  • 3D printer
  • Langmuir Blodgett system
  • optical microscope
  • plasma chamber
  • Hauschild SpeedMixer DAC 150 SP
  • furnace

Physical Lab I, 40 m²: Nanoparticle Characterization

  • Malvern ZetaSizer Nano ZS
  • Analytic Jena UVvis spectrometer SPECORD 210 PLUS
  • Shimadzu Fluorescence Spectrometer RF-6000
  • Shimadzu Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer
  • Netzsch Thermogravimetric Analysor TG 209F1 Libra

Physical Lab II, 40 m²: 2D and Device Characterization

  • manual probe station (low noise triax)
  • Agilent parameter analyzer 4156C
  • Glovebox w/ Agilent parameter analyzer
  • Leica DM2500 microscope w/ DFC290 camera
  • Dataphysics OCA 25 contact angle measurement device

Physical Lab III, 30 m²: Further Characterization

  • nanoSurf easyScan 2 scanning tunneling microscope

Chemistry Lab, 43 m²: Particle Synthesis & Functionalization

  • Laurell spin processor WS-650
  • plasma chamber
  • AND micro analytical balance BM-20

Yellow Room, 40 m²: Lithography

  • SÜSS MicroTec MJB4 mask aligner
  • Laurell spin processor WS-650

Measurement Room, 8 m²:

  • Atomic Force Microscope

Additional Instrumentation: university facilities

  • high level analytic (surface and bulk)
  • electrical and optical test