Research Topics

The major scientific interest of the interdisciplinary research in OMD is covered by three main topics (see icon) – molecular self-assembly, flexible electronics and organic-inorganic hybrids.


The OMD research approach contributes to:

  1. basic synthesis of functional molecules and NPs,
  2. new device concepts based on SAMs and NPs,
  3. fundamentals in hierarchical- and region-selective self-assembly from 1D to 3D,
  4. advanced characterization methods of monolayers,
  5. advanced simulation of morphology and intermolecular interaction in complex SAM assemblies,
  6. smart and sustainable processing concepts for thin films,
  7. higher integrated devices for flexible electronics based on SAMs and NPs,
  8. complex mixed mono- and multilayers on NP-surfaces and related properties,
  9. functional superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) for applications in medicine and environmental technologies (e.g. remediation of oil, toxins, herbicides or nanoplastic from water).