Marcus Halik (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.)


Marcus Halik (Prof. Dr. rer. nat)
13. Januar 1971
married - two children
Phone: +49 9131 85 70367
IZNF Building, Cauerstraße 3, 02.163

1990 - 1995 Study of Chemistry at the Technische Hochschule Leuna-Merseburg and Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
main topic: Organic Chemistry
1995 - 1998 Dissertation with a thesis on Near-Infrared Dyes at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
supervisor: Prof. Dr. H. Hartmann
1999 - 2000 Post-Doc at University of Arizona with S.R. Marder
supported by a DFG fellowship
2000 - 2005 Infineon Technologies AG in Erlangen
material- and process development (polymer/organic electronics, low-k dielectrics, molecular electronics)
04/2005 appointment (Assistant Professor) at the Harvard University (refused)
09/2005 W2-Professor at the Institute of Polymer Materials (Material Science Department) at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg


Teaching in master and bachelor programs (Material Science, Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials & Processes and Molecular Science):

  • Nanotechnology I (Nanostructures)
  • Organic Materials
  • Polymer Materials I+II
  • Organic Semiconductors II
  • Processing and Functionality of Organic Electronic Devices
  • Polymer Materials in Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Optoelectronics
  • Self-assembly on Surfaces
  • Chemistry of Polymers
  • Carbon Allotropes